Databases and SQL

In the next several modules, we will discuss database usage. Specifically, for this class, we will use SQLite as our database.

The goal of this unit

Software Development Essentials is not a class on databases. Rather, we are introducing “just enough” database content to use databases in our software projects for persistence. This means you should come into this unit with the following expectations:

  • While we are using SQLite, there are many other database paradigms. SQLite in particular is lightweight and “easy to start up”, but there are some important differences between SQLite and MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other popular database management systems. There are also some features that SQLite doesn’t support, such as “users”, database permissions, etc.
  • The primary goal of this unit is to learn the basics of SQL queries for storing, retrieving, editing, and deleting data. Things like database optimization, synchronization, etc. are beyond the scope of this class.

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